Float Therapy

In our society today we are over loaded with stress and many of us have chronic pain along with it.  Chronic pain could be a cause from stress or other sources.  Sensory Deprivation tanks are among the best physical product I know of to help reduce pain and stress levels.  Studies show that when reducing stress, pain levels will also decrease. Even for those who think that they are not stressed out.  The weightlessness when floating allows the body to truly relax and expand or stretch out.  Joints and muscles can release pressure and this will help with all sorts of tension.

With another view at the tank, Joe Rogan discusses alternate positives such as change in thinking, expansion in view of life and how the world actually is. When I step out of the tank it feels as if the world is moving so fast, like watching ants go about their daily business, always scurrying about. It is quite a different experience when I feel as if I am walking above the earth, looking down observing myself in the midst of this chaos.

Once I was at my third float session, it became a bit difficult for me to relax and get in the mood. This may have been due to the way I was feeling this day, restless, not accepting of anything other than being a recluse in my own house. After I lay down on the cushion of clouds in my midst and forced myself to calm down, amazing things happened. About 20 minuets in, I felt as if I were floating above my physical presence, then the music came on. I would recommend this for anyone, it can have some effects on your skin, causing an annoying burning sensation if you have scrapes or scratches so make sure you utilize the Vaseline they provide. Also, if you have a skin condition, make sure that salt water isn’t going to irritate it. Otherwise, the Epsom salt is very beneficial to your skin and body.

Release the cloud of illusion we bestow upon our selves and you will see the world as it is. I can not even start to explain how it looks once you remove the veil. Releasing negativity, judgment and worry, in all forms, no matter how much or little you have. Heal your Mind, Body and Soul.